GPG/PGP Information

When writing me an Email, you can encrypt it using this PGP/GPG Key.

    # gpg --list-key 0xBCFE7A831FD87CFB
    pub   rsa4096 2011-05-26 [SC] [expires: 2024-08-30]

or for visual inspection:

FEAC 944D  82ED DFDB  3F67 C855  BCFE 7A83  1FD8 7CFB

You can download a stripped down version of my key here.

The key is published on keyservers, please use the long ID 0xBCFE7A831FD87CFB to fetch!

One keyserver the key can be found on is, check out the key here.

Please never sign the key without verifying the fingerprint with me!